Land Access:

Raised funds necessary to purchase the Goat Island Access site in New Castle which is used by fishermen and kayakers in cooperation with The NH Fish and Game Department and The US Fish and Wildlife Service.

Community Projects:

CCA NH sponsors a kids fishing event every year where we take over 50 kids fishing from Seacoast Big Brother/Sister organization on a party boat out of Rye Harbor. We also participate in shore and water cleanups in several areas on our coast.

Dam Removal:

We are providing funding for several dam removal projects in New Hampshire that will enhance fishing in the future. We also are actively funding salt marsh restoration projects along our New Hampshire Seacoast. We monitor Seacoast water quality issues and projects that impact our marine habitat.

Fisheries Issues:

CCA NH participates with NH Fish and Game, Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission and The New England Fisheries Management Council to monitor, advise and the advocate for New Hampshire fishermen. We have several CCA New Hampshire members on advisory committees that are active in State and Federal fisheries management.

Marine Mammal Protection:

CCA NH was the first organization to initiate a reward for the arrest and conviction of the persons responsible for the killing and mutilation of seals on the NH Seacoast — resulting in more than $15,000 being raised for rewards.

Shore/Water Access:

Access is becoming a problem along our shores, bays, and rivers. CCA NH is working to identify areas or land parcels to help solve this growing issue for boat and foot access.


Education of the general public on the value of our fisheries here on the NH. seacoast is critical if we are to continue to enjoy the quality fishing we have here in out state waters

Fisheries Management:

CCA NH will continue to monitor ALL our coastal resources i.e.. fish, forage fish and water quality if we are to pass this legacy on to future generations.